Without a doubt Why You Must Become RICH!

“It is the blessing of God that makes rich and adds no sorrow with it. ” Proverbs 10: twenty two.

“The rich man’s wealth can be his strong city; the devastation of the poor is their lower income. ” Proverbs 10: 15.

“The poor is hated even associated with his own neighbour; but the rich hath many friends. ” Proverbs fourteen: 20.

“The rich ruleth on the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. ” Proverbs 22: 7.

As a responsible man or woman, you must have at one time or another experienced the unpleasant feeling engendered by needing something but being unable to afford it; of genuinely wanting to help someone, your church, school, village or community but being unable to do so, due to lack of money.

You may have helplessly watched a business opportunity slip away because of lack of capital.
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You may know of young people dropping out of school since their school fees could not end up being paid; or the sick dying at home due to lack of money to obtain medication.

I believe money is good. Money increases your options in life. If you have lots of money, you are free within the bounds of legality to do what you may like, whenever you want. The more money you have the better your options. If you are rich and financially free, you’re feeling good because you can meet your entire financial obligations, needs and wants. You are able to afford anything money can buy.

Once you attain that level of financial independence where money is no longer a concern in your life, your intellectual, spiritual and emotional energies are unbound and free to propel you to higher and superior accomplishments in other areas of human endeavour. When you are rich, you become greatly empowered to help others also to serve humanity in many more ways. When you are rich, you attract more opportunities for greater achievement and success in life. Success they say, begets more success.

Being rich has obvious advantages. When all of the individuals of a country are rich, then that country is truly rich. A rich and well to complete society is easier to govern. Political democracy stabilises and grows in a society where majority of the people are rich and truly educated.

When the populace is truly educated (not just literate) and prosperous, there is certainly less corruption; and when there is less corruption in a society, there is more efficiency and growth in the social, business and economic sectors. In a rich and prosperous society, politicians are less likely to want to loot the national treasury. Political aspirants are more likely to be motivated by the need to serve, than by the need to enrich themselves.

A financially free society will more easily channel the energies into positive activities of which enhance, not just the physical environment, but also the emotional and psychic needs, as well as the overall quality of life of people. The rich are fiscally empowered to uplift themselves, their own families, their people, their neighbourhood, their communities, their states, their country, their race and the world bodily.

Wealth is a source of power. Therefore , when you become rich, you must also exploit and put to maximum effect the inherent powers of money. Even though you could be rich without being powerful (and this is unfortunate), it is difficult to become powerful while not being rich (directly or indirectly). Again, even though we say the law is no respecter of persons, we do know that the rich scarcely go to prison; and when they do, it is headline news.

Money provides the food, your shelter, your clothing, the healthcare, your education, your safety measures and many other options in life. Money is very important. Money is good. No, money is just not everything, but with money, many things are usually possible!

Your desire for wealth is therefore perfectly in order because income is one key empowerment you need to be an excellent and respectable father, mother, man, wife, brother, sister, uncle, auntie, citizen, patron, matron, chairman, chairperson, church member, friend, etc . Because many political societies of today, you need plenty of money to be a strong and relevant political godfather, godmother or kingmaker.

You must therefore take critically the study of the laws of Living, Wealth and Success because it is your own most important step towards being the best you could ever be, to yourself and also to others; and living a happy, attained, rewarding and fulfilled life with planet earth. What better way can there be to be able to serve God and Humanity?

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