Guns and Children

In the past, I, (as a legislator), obtained a booklet entitled, Children, Youngsters, and Gun Violence: Issues plus Ideas.

The opening statement that this booklet was: “Each year greater than 20, 000 people under twenty are killed or injured by guns in the United States. ” Almost immediately following that was the comment, “But many times, gun policy debates focus on the particular rights of adults to own guns and pay scant attention to problems of children’s safety. ”

I believed, “Oh, oh, here we proceed again-an argument for more gun manage. ”

Certainly, none of us really wants to see children die by the gun, either by accident or by planned acts. But , that, in itself, is not any rationale for more gun control laws and regulations.

This booklet advocated educating mother and father to protect their children from gun assault, “either by choosing not to maintain guns in the home, or by keeping guns locked, unloaded, and individual from ammunition. ”

When I was obviously a young shaver, my father kept the shotgun in his little cubicle of a home office, (he actually was a laborer). We were taught NEVER to touch that gun. And from the punishments that had been meted out to us in the past for a lot less serious infractions, we knew he meant business, and we never ever did touch it!

However , whenever we wanted to go with him hunting, or even be with him target training, we were allowed. In our family, we all children, were never encouraged to have our own guns, though my earliest brother knew how to shoot a 22. In those days, many parents, including my own, frowned on pointing even toy guns at another person, though the enforcement wasn’t quite as rigid.

This report went on to talk more about restricting access to guns by kids, and then did take up the issue of “Educational Interventions to Reduce Youth Gun Damage and Violence. ” They detailed several programs to educate children regarding guns.

One was the Eddie Novelty helmet Gun Safety Program. This is a program advocated by the National Rifle Organization, (NRA). I have heard gun promoters talk about this program many times. I have listened to how effective it can be. Many institutions around the United States offer this program to students.

But many more schools refuse to allow students to participate in this program. Their mindset, in some cases, is that allowing this program could be viewed as support for the NRA.

The Eddie Eagle Program is trained to students from prekindergarten via grade 6. There is a motivational “big book” for the younger children, activity textbooks for grades 2 & several, and 4 -6, with a seven minute video, reward stickers, parent letter, etc . “The message is: If you see a gun, stop! Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell a grownup. ”

Gun advocates tout how effective this program is.

This publication’s evaluation: “NRA cites testimonials plus reductions in accidental death prices between 1991 and 1992… but no formal evaluations have been published. ”

Another program is “Straight Talk about Risks”, (STAR), from the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. (You remember Jim Brady was the assist to President Reagan who was seriously wounded in the presidential assassination try.
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) Certainly that program must get an A+ by the experts?

The evaluation: “Inconsistent and inconclusive effections on attitudes and no modify in behaviors. No evaluation has been published. ” (If no evaluation has been published, I’m not sure where this publication got the information to make their evaluation? ‘)

It is interesting to watch how those interested in promoting their agenda `use’ or `bend’ the information to bolster their trigger. This booklet pointed out that “Parents are arguably the best-positioned adults in order to children’s behavior and keep them safe from exposure to guns in the home and the community. ”

Their take on the responsible adult is one who allows no guns in the house, or one who stores the gun, unloaded, and never in close proximity to ammunition. If a person offers chosen to own a gun for personal protection against intruders, etc ., how efficient is having an unloaded gun `at the ready’ – or as an example, one with a safety lock? Is not really the most effective control, educating the child?

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