What is the Role of a Magic Fortune Teller?

If you are down and are in need of a good lot of money then a Magic Fortune Teller is just what you need. It is like a ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel. Not only will it cheer you up, it will also provide you with a lot of important information about future. You will get to know about the future however in framed distinctive manner which will help you assess the pros and cons and take adult decisions.

A lot of people do not believe in the wonder fortune teller but truth is this has been a form of predicting future events since very ancient times. You will also get specialists and psychics who are particularly trained for this purpose.
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The Fortune Teller

The magic -8 ball is a specific sphere which is not completely solid inside; its inside is hollowed out. The composition of the colors of the ball is similar to the “-8 Ball of Colors”. It mainly comprises of black and white. The inside of the ball is very enigmatic. We do not often look that closely but if you do you will discover a white cylindrical reservoir in the sphere. This consists of a white plastic material dye.

This dye floats within alcohol which is present in the sphere. The alcohol is in turn submerged in a blue colored dye. The particular interesting thing about this dye is that it is hollow just like the sphere. This permits the blue fluid to come in the hollow plastic dye.

As the liquid enters inside the dye, the buoyancy or up thrust in this case will be less. This dye has twenty surfaces. It is these faces which contain the answers. The tones of the faces reflect the present conditions of the people who have come in search of the answer. Now the answers can be primarily of three types.

Some times the faces are oriented in such a manner that they give a positive response, sometimes however they are aligned in a negative angle; hence the answer they provide is non-affirmative. Still at other times, the solution the faces are oriented in such a manner that the answer they give is usually non-committal, which means that the magic fortune teller does not commit to predict the future scenario.

Not everyone can read the solutions properly. A trained psychic is the only person who can read the changing hues of the faces and tell you what they mean. When you ask a question, the screen of the magic fortune teller must be faced downwards.

When you find the answer, the ball has to be turned back again immediately so that you can read the answers according to symmetry. When the dye and glowing blue liquid inside the sphere start performing up a motion, it gets even easier to read the reply. The dye displaces the “blue liquid” and the surface sticks up the secret fortune teller’s wall to give you the answer.

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