Hairdressing Apprenticeships and Gaining the Nationwide Vocational Qualifications Certification

Are you currently fond of hairstyling your own hair or perhaps other people’s hair? Do you have creative ideas or even new ways to style hair? Do you feel that sense of fulfillment as soon as you groom your own hair or another person’s and they thank you for a job well done so you see the evidence on their face they are really happy with the outcome? Could you end up being dreaming of becoming a prominent and nicely respected hairdresser someday? And hopefully build your very own salon in the future exactly where it will cater to all the different and individual hairstyling needs?

If your answer will be yes to all these questions, then you definitely just got yourself on track even as we will be guiding you step by step towards your ambitions of starting your hairdressing apprenticeship and get you on your way to becoming a full time hairdresser.

Without any further the due, there are three major steps towards becoming a professional hairdresser. Initial is to become an apprentice in a salon, followed by passing the requirements of the hairdresser’s national vocational qualifications (NVQs), and then lastly pursue a higher diploma on hairdressing.

Here we will focus on the first and the second steps.

What is a hairdressing apprenticeship?

As the title speaks to get itself, simply a hairdressing apprenticeship is when an individual undergoes training under a certified superior to learn and practice the basic skills of hairdressing in the premises of a salon. And by simple skills we mean booking meetings for clients, shampooing, conditioning and drying hair, mixing and using color, perming and relaxing, slicing and styling the hair to suit the particular client’s face shape, and promoting products to allow the client to look plus feel good about the self. As you obtain advanced by time, cutting plus coloring skills will eventually become mastered allowing you to set trends as you become even more creative and striking.

Once your job starts as an beginner, you have to prepare yourself to stand for extended hours and have enough energy to face your own clients in a welcoming and taking manner. More importantly than the products you can use on the client’s hairs, it is your service that they are availing which means you need to be able to communicate with them well to provide for customer satisfaction. Always have your self presentably groomed and if possible make your hairstyle more stylish compared to your clients thus giving them self-confidence that you know what you are doing and stimulating them to care for their hair as much.

It is important to take this first step of apprenticeship because it will allow you to earn money (thus support your daily expenses and further has to continue with your hairdressing career) with the same time gain the skills you require to ensure that you to gain the national professional qualifications of a hairdresser.
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Where would you find available hairdressing apprenticeships?

You might have two options for this. If you are nevertheless studying and want to take a part time apprentice job, you can consult your school’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) coordinator for he/she can help you determine the best option out there.

But if you are currently done with studying and want to go full time as a hairdresser, research is key. You are able to call the National Apprenticeships Helpline at 08000 150600 where they can advice you regarding possible companies in your locality as well as your chosen industry. They have access to all the important folks who will be able to help you launch your career being a professional hairdresser.

Moving on to NVQ, what is it?

NVQ stands for National Professional Qualification. It is a recognized qualification award that is achieved through reaching the amount set by the national standards for certain occupations. Thus, an individual applying for an NVQ must display competence in the actual field of work.

Applicants who want to apply for NVQs are those that are at a mature level of thinking, old and young alike, maybe studying or not provided that they have access to work may it be part-time or full time.

National Vocational Certification has levels that can range from 1-5 depending on the job description. These levels were established to show the differences one of the qualifications per level at the same time what exactly is required to reach the next step.

Implementation associated with NVQ is done through assigning a qualified professional to observe the skills of the applicant in the work area and at the same time check his/her knowledge by questioning about the same topic.

Once a level of the NVQ is completed, you become qualified to move forward for evaluation of the next degree until you reach the highest point that is getting certified as a professional on your own chosen field.

For hairdressing, its national vocational qualification levels generally range from 1-3. Beyond these currently include salon management, so we will only focus on Levels 1, 2, and 3.

NVQ Level 1 of Hairdressing- In this level you are expected to know the right ways to hair shampoo and condition hair, assist in coloring, assist in hair perming and relaxing services, and assist in basic wedding reception duties such as setting appointments with regard to clients and welcoming them to the salon.

NVQ Level 2 of Hairdressing- In this higher level, more self-confidence and critical thinking is anticipated of you. You should be able to inspire customers to take care of themselves, provide advises and consultations to your clients such as the appropriate hairstyle for every face form or the perfect shade of curly hair color in contrast with their skin color, do basic hair cutting, dress or style hair, and independently alter color.

NVQ Level 3 of Hairdressing- In this level, skills expected of you are as follows: promotional capabilities especially of sponsoring products and the particular salons services, make different appears out of combining cutting techniques, utilize hair extensions, correct wrong hair colouring, collect and evaluate customer feedback, contribute to financial gains of the business, plus plan and implement promotional methods.

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