The particular Gun-Control Fad

Because happens sometimes, conventional thinking results in absurdity, even without realization. Same applies to the proponents of gun control. What they say, and most believe is that in a country where people have easy access to guns, there presumably will be widespread violence, killings, and disruption of social order. This however , is a canard. We’ll see why.

In India, people were prevented from bearing arms by the British with the arms act of 1878. This was enforced after the mutiny of 1857. After independence, the Arms behave (1959) was put in place. The big query here is – did they serve the primary purpose for which they were passed and enforced? Did they help reducing the crime rate? Had been they able to prevent 26/11? What if Nirbhaya had a gun that day time? For the past 39 years, Mumbai health professional, Aruna Shanbaug has been lying inside a hospital bed in a vegetative condition, brain dead, unable to speak, plus recognize faces. What if she too had a gun to defend herself? If rapes can really be graded, raw rapes in India are the gravest of issues this country looks. It resonates with peoples’ life at a much basic, primal level. If there’s anything which helps prevent it to any extent, how rational is it to enforce a ban against the same? Even Gandhi said in his autobiography: “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, background will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of its arms as the blackest. ”

It’s no big surprise. A gun control massacre brings out the gun-control crowd which demands gun control to be enforced immediately, as if it would have avoided the Connecticut school shootings. Political figures who’re into obfuscations and equivocalness will argue that gun rights will certainly produce more number of criminals. A few examine this fad. A unlawful by definition is a person who violates law. To assume that such a violator will obey gun control laws is a sham. One who intends in order to murder won’t say – ‘Woop! I don’t have a gun, so I won’t kill you. ‘ He will either attempt to steal one, or bang you with a sledgehammer. Those who comply with gun laws are peaceful, law abiding ilks that are now denied the proper to defend themselves. Why do these types of law abiding citizens obey weapon control laws which murderers have a tendency? Because the former don’t want to be convicted felons, while the latter don’t treatment. So why this bum rap?

The other thing to consider is that gun control laws won’t eliminate guns from society, any more than drug laws have got eliminated drugs from society. Given the millions of guns already in use, along with continued manufacturing, what weapon control laws will do is to gradually transform this business into a black-market enterprise marked by gun gangs, financial institution robberies, muggings, and everything else. If you want the war on drugs, you may love the war on guns.

Let’s now look at some statistical figures. There are an estimated 70 million handguns privately owned handguns in the United States which are used for self defense, hunting, sharpshooting, as well as other legitimate purposes. Since Washington passed a ban on handguns, homicide rates rose to 200%.
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Switzerland, where at least one in every three of its less than eight million inhabitants owns a gun, has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Anti-gun activists who’re making news recently have an argument regarding UK. It is often held that gun control is the reason for low crime rate in UK. This faulty assumption can be challenged by looking on the crime rate before the hand weapon ban. It was extremely low actually then.

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